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Whether you’re a beginner in the payment processing world or have had a less-than-ideal experience with another provider, Elmore Merchant Services has the perfect solution for your payment needs. We offer comprehensive in-person and online payment solutions to address your specific requirements and ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Interchange Plus Pricing stands out as the industry's most cost-effective billing practice, recognized for its affordability and transparency. With this pricing model, your transaction fees are dynamically adjusted to reflect the interchange rate, ensuring that you receive the lowest possible rate for each transaction. This approach eliminates unnecessary markups and provides you with a fair and competitive pricing structure for your payment processing needs.


At Elmore Merchant Services, we understand the importance of honesty and transparency in business relationships. We firmly believe in conducting business the way we would want to be treated – with integrity and open communication. We are committed to building trust with our clients by providing clear and transparent information about our services, pricing, and processes. You can rely on us to be upfront and honest in all our interactions, ensuring that you have a positive and trustworthy experience throughout our partnership.

Automatic volume discounts

Gain Complete Visibility into Your Charges with Elmore Merchant Services. Unlike flat rate credit card processors, we prioritize openness by disclosing our margin and providing comprehensive insights into how different transaction types and cards influence the intercharge fee. Know exactly what you're paying for, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business

Never pay PCI fees to your processor again.

Secure Credit Card Processing at No Extra Cost: Elmore Merchant Services Provides Built-in PCI Compliance

Process payments any way,

One free Elmore Merchant Services account allows you to accept card payments from your customers in-person, online, in-app, over the phone, by invoice, and more.

Billing & Invoicing

Get paid on time with invoicing, recurring plans, and ACH payments.

Retail & In-Person

Easily accept contactless payments at your checkout or on the go.

E-Commerce & Online

Build a fully-hosted online store or add payments to your current website.

Start processing payments instantly.

Signing up for a free Elmore Merchant Services account only takes a few minutes. With no complicated paperwork and easy online approval, your business can begin processing credit cards in no time.

All the tools you need, no extra cost.

Simplify Your Business with Elmore Merchant Services: Expand Beyond Credit Card Payments Hassle-Free. No Add-On Fees or Up-Sells. Intuitive Tools for Time-saving Operations and Business Growth at Your Fingertips.