5 Merchant Account Solutions For A Great Tech Support

Tech support merchant account providers are splendid options for tech support businesses who wish to take credit card payments. Multiple merchant account providers specialize in offering high-risk merchant accounts to businesses dealing in tech support. Today, we will read about the top 5 merchant account solutions for your tech support business.

Best Tech Support Merchant Account Providers

Tech support companies are often prone to malware, online fraud, thefts and other potential risks. Mentioned below are the top 5 merchant account providers that offer security and safety to tech support companies.

  1. Payment Cloud

Payment cloud works with multiple large processors or acquirers at the backend to find the perfect solution for your business. It is a high-risk credit card processor, that doesn’t even charge an application fee to its customers. It helps you with all components of your application including your supporting documents, social media accounts and websites, etc. It also offers advice on selecting a chargeback management service and setting up a service such as 3D secure for fraud mitigation.


  • No account setup fee

  • High-risk specialist

  • Great customer support

  • Few public complaints

  • Durango Merchant Services

Durango works with the US and other international merchants looking to conduct business in the US and finds the processor that works the best for your business. It offers high risk international merchant accounts with features such as currency conversion services, support for multi-currency accounts, and fraud prevention services such as Fraud Scrubbing, Verified by Visa, EVM 3D secure 2.0, etc.


  • Provides offshore merchant accounts

  • Dedicated account managers for the customers

  • High-risk specialists

  • Instabill

Instabill works with domestic as well as international businesses dealing in all types of currencies. They are experienced in working with multiple currencies around the world and have partnerships with a vast number of banks. They offer merchant accounts with ACH processing service successfully even to the riskiest businesses such as tech support and online gambling sites.


  • Can work with US and overseas businesses

  • Offer multi-currency support

  • Specialists in tech support merchant accounts.

  • Host Merchant Services

Unlike most of the other high-risk processing merchant service providers, Host Merchant Services offer interchange-plus pricing with a clear pricing structure on their website. They offer amazing customer support and there are limited or no complaints at their review sites.


  • Transparent pricing

  • No fee for early termination

  • No application or setup fee

  • Good customer support

  • emerchantBroker

EMB specialises in high-risk merchant accounts for tech support industries. The merchant account claims at EMB can get approved within 24-48 hours of application. It even offers coaching to the clients to undertake better business practices so that they can acquire approval for full credit card processing.


  • High-risk specialist

  • Offers coaching on reducing chargebacks

  • Supports international transactions

  • Handles offshore accounts.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, depending upon your tech support business requirements, you can select any merchant account providers from the top 5 to ensure the robust security of your merchant account.


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