Case Study- Everyware Using Text-Based Billing To Help Businesses Profit During Covid

The pandemic taught people and businesses around the world the importance of adapting to changing situations. The world had to transform its habits and work considering the various norms and guidelines for the safety of individuals and containment of the virus. In this regard, the team of Everyware- a renowned first data payment gateway, made essential adaptations to comply with the requisites of lockdowns and social distancing, under the vision of its leader- Larry Talley.

The Vision of Larry Talley

Talley, the founder and CEO of Texas-based Everyware, decided to address the pain points of the payment and billing cycle. In line with his optimistic approach, he understood that multiple bills, transactions and customer inquiries get lost in the shuffle. They are not purposely avoided by the first data merchant services but end up disappointing the customers. To eliminate such problems from Everyware, Larry initiated his own set of tenets to facilitate customer engagement and retention.

Acknowledging the Payments

The most essential part of fostering relations with the customer is by implementing a system of acknowledgement. Just a simple message of “Thank You” would suffice. Everyware does this by sending a text message receipt to the customer after every transaction with words of obligation. Also, the customers should be provided with a basic communication channel which is open at all times of the day, week, and year. This way, the customers can raise their concerns over payment issues, or even leave a positive review.

Promoting Text-Based Billing

Apart from thanking customers, text messages can also be used to initiate payments. These messages can come with a link or an affirmative message asking for a “YES” to move forward with the transaction.

Everyware is a freestanding first data payment gateway that can be added to numerous existing merchant account services. This system works in the healthcare industry, political campaigns and even eCommerce settings.

In the medical industry, text-based billing could prove to be beneficial and effective. While the patients often forget to address or keep a track of all the bills considering the grave situation they are in, text-based billing can help them streamline these processes.

How COVID Heightened the Scope and Demand of Everyware?

With the onset of COVID and the social distancing and hygiene norms, the demand for contactless payments is ever-increasing. ECommerce transactions cannot effectively replace over-the-phone card payments, but a text-based transaction can. The security level of a text-based transaction is higher. The scope of fraud is reduced and both the customers and the businesses have a record of the transaction in an easily accessible place.

Final Words

Today, plenty of businesses are making a paradigm shift to text-based transactions, and Everyware is having the largest piece of the cake! What began as a standalone first data payment gateway has today become a huge platform- majorly thanks to COVID!


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