Payments Processing Service For Jewelry Stores

The Jewelry market is highly volatile and is around a $500 billion industry. The availability of online stores has increased their prevalence. While online sales are gathering a major stake in the total industry, retailers selling jewelry in stores need to have an advantage over online sellers to keep their place in the industry.

As a jewelry store owner, you must have a processing system that can help you take payments from multiple online and offline payment methods, and also receive the best customer services with the guarantee of safety and security of data.

The payment processing service for jewelry stores should be convenient and reliable. Most importantly, it should be secure, as customers conduct high-dollar transactions with the store by putting faith in them. While technology is advancing, the encroachers are also devising new methods to steal the public.

However, in such a situation, finding a simple solution with strengthened security is often a challenge. Here, the services of Elmore Merchant Services come to the rescue! We understand that buying jewelry is a matter of importance for customers, and it is significant for them to have faith in your services. With our trust and help, we ensure that the jewelry stores we partner with are happy and satisfied.

Whenever a customer visits your Jewelry store, the behavior of your personnel makes the first impression, while the payment acceptance step makes the last impression on them. Consequently, a smooth and convenient payment process makes them happy and satisfied with the purchase, This encourages return visits and makes way for more jewelry purchases.

Features of Elmore Merchant Services

  • Point of Sale System- This technology helps your jewelry store acquire payment from multiple forms such as credit/debit card, online payment, etc. With this, you can easily manage your payments and your inventory, and also acquire essential reports.
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards- With gift cards and loyalty cards, you can attract your customers. You can create and formulate loyalty programs with your customers easily and then keep them coming back to your jewelry store to make more purchases with you.
  • Modern Technology- With modern wireless terminals, POS systems, and other latest technology, your jewelry stores can accept all payment types, including modern contactless options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay and EVM chip cards, etc.

Just like any other business, the most important factor for any jewelry store is revenue and sales driven by the customer. To ensure profitable margins for the store, it is vital to have a payment processing system that is capable of accepting all forms of payment. Also, you need to ensure that your customers’ valuable information is safe with your payment processing so that the customer can trust you.

Purchase a Payments Processing Service For Your Jewelry Store today!

With values of reliability, security, loyalty, and cost-effectiveness, Elmore Merchant Services prides itself on being amongst the best payment processing service for your Jewelry Store. With our services, you can secure your transactions and make it easy for customers to pay conveniently.


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