Payments Processing Service for Painters

Whether you are an independent, local painter, or a part of a big painter franchise, you would need a payment processing service for painters at some point of time in your business. Therefore, you must partner with a reliable and affordable payment processing service for painters to help you streamline the process of receiving payments for your job. In this regard, the payment services by Elmore Merchant Services are highly useful. Let us understand how.

Elmore Merchant Services are committed to offering the best payment processing service for painters to help them enhance their level and scale of business. With our latest technology software and hardware and cutting-edge payment solutions, we aim to revolutionise the way business operates.

Range of Services

Our range of services for painters is quite vast and inclusive and includes-

  • ACH Payment Processing- With this type of payment processing service, your painting business can send and receive payments electronically. Your painters can use this to collect the payment from the customer at their place only. It can be used for payments such as invoices, bills, payroll, tax returns, etc.
  • Merchant Services First Data- Elmore Merchant Services are one of the best merchant service providers across the globe, with a plethora of services under its umbrella, such as credit and debit card processing, gift card processing, check processing etc. So whether your business is small-scale or is an enterprise, you can undertake your transactions with our services.
  • Merchant Accounts Providers- We offer merchant accounts to businesses as well as solo painters. It is a bank account type, where you can receive credit and debit card payments for your services. We take care of all the functions included in setting up and managing your merchant account.
  • E-commerce Merchant Account Providers- If your company is online and you offer online painting services or products too, we can help you acquire an eCommerce merchant account for your online store, where you can take payments made on your online store.
  • PayPal Merchant Account- To give a wider range of options to your customers to make payments for your painting service, you can also get a PayPal merchant account for your business or yourself. With this, you can become eligible to accept payments made by the customer through PayPal.


Receiving payment from the customer is a long process. Some painters or businesses stay outdated and accept only cash, which affects badly their business and its success. Therefore, to ensure the success and steady growth of your painting business, you should partner with the payment processing service for painters by Elmore Merchant Services.

Apart from the services mentioned above, Elmore Merchant Services offers multiple other benefits to painters. The fee applied on transactions is low, and customer support is available 24×7 to help the painters in times of need or query. Also, there are specific plans for the painters, which can be customised according to the working season and the type of occupation- whether permanent or seasonal.

Talk to the experts at Elmore Merchant Services to get the best payment processing service for painters and get higher sales and ease of use!


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