Setting Up A Stripe Account: A Comprehensive Guide For Businesses

For businesses ranging from small to large, Stripe is a robust payment platform with a plethora of features such as ACH payment processing. Its easy and intuitive user interface and immense functionality can help you procure amazing benefits for your business. In this article, we will read about the major steps involved in setting up a Stripe account for your business.

Requisites for a Stripe Account

To undertake a smooth setup of your account on Stripe merchant account provider, you must possess some information and a few things. These vary based on the country you are operating from, and the business type you own. For example, if your account is US-based, the things required include-

  • A valid email address with only single-person access.

  • A valid Social Security Number or an EIN/ITIN.

  • Basic information about the business owners, including phone numbers, DOBs, address, et, al.

  • In a case where the registration is in the form of a non-profit organisation, proof that more than 80% of the payment made by the business will be considered liable to tax.

  • A bank account to be linked.

You must read the policy of Stripe to understand the requisites based on your region/country.

Creating a Stripe Account

Mentioned below is the step-by-step process to create a Stripe payments account.

  1. Create a Test Account

You must create a test account for a trial to get a hold of its features and UX with the following steps-

  • Sign-Up With Your Email Address- Through the website of Stripe, sign-up using your email address. Set a strong password, and authenticate your email with a verification email from Stripe. Your test account will thus be ready.

  • Test Your Integration- You can test your integration with the help of a developer, using the test keys provided by Stripe. You can also use an international or a US dummy card to conduct the test.
  • Set Up Stripe Payments Account

You need to finish the activation of your account to access the features of Stripe. By clicking on the “Activate Payments” Button. After that, you must follow the process below-

  • Choose the country of origination of the business and the type of business.

  • Fill in the business details and the personal details of the business representative. 

  • Enter the fulfilment details including the goods and services offered by the company, along with the public details.

  • Link your bank account where the payments are to be made through first data payment gateway.

  • Set up two-factor authentication to make your account un-breachable.

Final Words

And creating an account on Stripe ACH processing service is as simple as that! To attain the amazing features of the Stripe payments system for your business, sign in today.


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