Payments Processing In Service For Auto Repair Shop

Imagine a customer stuck in the middle of the road due to a broken car, and he comes to you for help. However, he only has a card to make payment for a minor repair, but you do not accept card payments. Imagine the level of frustration and grief it will fill the customer with, and the impression that it will have of your service on this customer, and other such customers!

To avoid the situation, you must ensure having a payment processing service for your Auto repair shop. Elmore Merchant Service is your best option to ensure a smooth and seamless payment experience for you and your customer. Whether your business is small-scale or is a big enterprise, our services are tailor-made to fit your varying needs.

Why Elmore Payment Processing Service For Your Auto Repair Shop?

At Elmore, we make processing payments through cards or other online modes easy and cost-effective for your Auto repair shop. Our range of services include credit/debit card processing, mobile card processing, online credit processing, complete service payroll, and much more!

Below are the instances of how our services can be beneficial to your Auto repair shop.

  • Invoicing- With just a few clicks, you can create clear and professional invoices for your suppliers or your customers. You do not even need to print a receipt, you can just share them through email or text. Consequently, receiving quick payments becomes hassle-free. Also, we offer in-store, mobile, and online options to your shops, and our software can simplify your business and shop management.
  • Ordering Parts- With our payment processing service for your Auto repair shop andsoftware solutions, you can search and order parts online from your fixed or go-to suppliers. Also, you can send or receive receipts to your accounting software with our integration facilities. Our software also allows you to set up a cycle of automatic orders when your inventory runs low. This way, you can conduct automatic and efficient parts ordering and payment.
  • Customer Management- Elmore merchant services offer you facilities such as service reminders, quick invoicing, online booking, and payments option for your convenience. Consequently, you can attract new customers and keep them coming back, impressed by the payment processing service for your Auto repair shop!
  • Performance Reports- How well is your shop earning? What is the daily, monthly, and yearly revenue generated by your Auto shop? Our services help you get all the essential insights about your money and a real-time overview of your business. You can analyze your performance and your shop’s expenses, working hours, number of online customers, and much more.
  • Job Management- Paperless and quick invoice creation, service history, auto-filled vehicle details, auto-stocked inventory, etc can help you cut down on your work and make your shop speedy and efficient.

Final Words

With extensive features such as transparent pricing, robust reporting, easy setup, and 24×7 customer support, Elmore Merchant Services helps businesses grow their scale and customer base. We make payment processing service for your Auto repair shop easy for you, even if you haven’t used it ever before.

Let’s talk about your requirements to help you set up a streamlined payments processing service within minutes!


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