Payments Processing Service For Non-Profit Organizations

For every non-profit organization, donations from as many sources as possible are expected and desired. However, getting donations and funds becomes extremely difficult when the organizations are unable to offer multiple payment modes to the donors. This is where payment processing services for non-profit organizations step in!

Let us get insights about  payment processing services for non-profit organizations.

Payments Processing Service For Non-Profit Organizations in USA

Importance of Payments Processing Service For Non-profit Organizations

While a payment processor is vital to process online payments, nowadays, the importance of having a payment processor has become inevitable for offline payments as well. There are a very few donors who still like to make payments in cash or kind, and most of them choose the quick and easy way- credit/debit cards.

Having payment processing services for non-profit organizations can help your organization offer a plethora of payment options to the donors and the funders, Also, it can help boost the funds of the NPO and enhance its donor outreach. With the help of a payment processing system, your NPO can manage the financial details of the donors easily, including information about their cards, bank details, payments made by them etc.

Your non-profit might also need a system with which they can take care of the funds received and the payments made. These payments can include registering for an event, purchasing merchandise, and handling other types of payments. A holistic payment processing service for non-profit organizations can help you complete all these tasks with significant ease and quick results.

How Does Online Payment Processing Take Place?

Let us now see the steps involved in the payment processing procedure in a non-profit organization.

  1. A Donation is Made- The online and offline donators or the NPO supporters make purchases or donations or raise funds for the non-profit organization. All these payments are then processed by the payments processing system. The method of payment can be versatile, and include donations to campaigns, purchasing of tickets, merchandise purchase or membership to the event, etc.
  2. Payment Gateway Receives the Information-  After this, the donation goes to the merchant account in the respective bank. The donor verifies the payment by adding the exact card details, and then the payment is processed by the payment gateway.
  3. Donation is Received- After the bank or the authority issuing the account of the donor verifies the payment, the funds are transferred to the merchant account of the non-profit. It reflects in their account, and they can use it anytime.
  4. Information stored in the database- Whether the transaction is done online, or offline but through online modes, the backend database of the non-profit stores all the information of the transaction and the donor, including their name, address, account number, phone details etc.

Final Words

If you are searching for an online or offline payment processing service for your non-profit organization, you need to talk to the consultants at Elmore Merchant Services today. For any transaction, the most important component is the safety of the individuals and in the case of non-profit transactions, donors might also want their anonymity to be upheld. All these features come with the services of Elmore Merchant Services. Join hands with us to witness the exclusive features today!


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