Stripe VS Authorize.Net: Choosing The Right Gateway & Payment Processor For Your Business Needs

Amongst the vast number of payment gateways and ACH processing services available in the market, Stripe and are two prevalent names that eCommerce merchants often come across. They are popular with domestic and international merchants, due to their exceptional features. However, their utility differs based on your business type. Today we will make a comparison between the two to help you decide which one is better for your business needs.

Stripe VS

Stripe and come with a powerful suite of ACH payment processing for small businesses. They also offer amazing support to developers who desire to integrate their services into their websites. They are also quite famous for providing support to foreign eCommerce transactions.

  • Features

We will now discuss the features of Stripe and

Stripe- Stripe is a third-party processor that offers multiple business services on its platform. Its features include-

  1. All-in-one payment processing

  2. Predictable flat-rate pricing

  3. Great international and multicurrency support

  4. Amazing tools for subscription and ACH

  5. Excellent developer tools and support

  6. Credit card processing with no additional services

  7. Support for local payment methods even in the international markets

  8. Cryptocurrency support

  9. Payment processing support for regions outside US and Canada. It is a payment gateway and not an online payment processor, unlike Stripe. Here, you will need an additional merchant account along with to process credit cards. Its features include-

  1. Flexibility of payment gateway

  2. Predictable flat-rate pricing

  3. Great subscription and ACH tools

  4. Robust security features

  5. Excellent developer tools and support

  6. PayPal support

  7. Support for high-risk businesses

  8. Advanced system for customer information management.

  • Pricing

The monthly gateway fee of Stripe is zero, and the fee for online credit card transactions is 2.9%+$-.30. While the ACH money transfer online comes with a fee of $0.8%, the international card fee is $1.

On the contrary, the monthly gateway fee of is $25 and the fee for online credit card transactions is the same as Stripe. ACH payments account for 0.75% as a fee while the international card fee is 1.50%.

Which is the Better Option?

The final question that arises is which of the two best ACH payment processing services is the aptest for your business. They are both built for matching different business needs, and none of them is a one-size-fits-all winner.

Stripe Payments- You must choose Stripe payments if-

  • Your business requires a payment service along with a gateway

  • Your business is international

  • Flat-rate processing is affordable concerning your sales volume

  • You deal in multiple currencies. You must choose if-

  • You already have a merchant account

  • Your business industry is high-risk

  • You want a payment gateway portable between processors

Your business requires a customer management system.


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